You Can Teach a Man to Fish…

You can market, advertise, and sell until you’re blue in the face and maybe you’ll gain some buyers. Maybe they’ll be loyal clients for years or maybe they will be fair-weather friends that will switch companies at the drop of a hat. That’s the chance you take in the business world. This might sound a little crazy but what you need less of are “clients”. What you need is a bigger audience. A group of loyal people, who may or may not buy from you, but will defend your company and spread your message. Build an audience and your client list will follow.

This is nothing new. However, the approach to gaining an audience has changed with the development of social media. We’ve gone from word-of-mouth to word-of-mouse but gaining an audience is still done in the same way. The best way to get people listening to you and your business is to teach them something. Not many people can do what your business does so sharing a couple tips here and there won’t put you in a precarious situation.

You might be asking yourself, “What can my business teach someone?” The answer is quite simple. Teach them how to use your product or service more effectively. For example, in the language services industry, we teach companies how to use translations and interpreting to reach global markets, maintain an international brand, and foster a corporate culture of diversity. Even if a company isn’t using our services at the moment, they still use us as a source of knowledge.

The other great thing about your company taking on a teaching role is that others will do your marketing for you. If you teach someone something really amazing, they are likely to share it with their connections. Now, instead of reaching your network only, you are reaching a much larger audience: your network’s network.

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