Language of the Day: Kaba Naa, Sara

KabaNSaraLet’s take a journey…

From north to south we see a duality of environments. In the north lays the sweeping sands of the desert, a place that sees little rain and moisture and to the south the ground is covered in the greens of plant life, it is fertile and habitable. In the central area we see a transition area as the desert moves into the fertile lands to the south this is the area where Lake Chad begins, the namesake for the country we find ourselves in.

We are in Chad a landlocked country of Central Africa and the home to the speakers of the Kaba Naa, Sara language. Kaba Naa, Sara is one of five languages from the line of Bongo–Bagirmi which come from the Central Sudanic language family. The languages in the grouping are spread across a number of countries in Central and Northern Africa.

The people who speak the languages make their home in the south western area of Chad which is where Lake Chad lays. The Lake itself grows and shrinks relative to the seasons and the weather and its size has varied greatly over the years. Unlike the variability of Lake Chad the Kaba Naa, Sara language has seen constant growth for many years.

The language is spoken by nearly forty thousand people spread across the area and is the primary language of the people. It is taught from generation to generation and there is no threat of it declining. Kaba Naa, Sara is a developing and growing language and will only become more prominent in the years to come.

In a time when many languages are going in the opposite direction of Kaba Naa, Sara it is nice to see a story of a language that is small but flourishing.

Thanks for joining us on this journey in language.

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