Language of the Day: Chin, Chinbon

chin-people-myanmarLet’s take a journey…

There is rain falling from the low lying clouds. It falls it torrents and it is warm as it runs along your skin. Mountains spread in all directions but they are covered in dark green trees from valley to crest as they go from India and Bangladesh in the west to China, Loas and Thailand in the East. The Indian Ocean lays to the south past more emerald mountains. In the distance there are some mountains who wear hats of white as they stand above all those other mountains around them. They are giants and they make the others look like hills.

We are in Burma also known as Myanmar and it here in this mountainous country that we find the speakers of Chin, Chinbon. Also known as Chindwin Chin, Chinpon, Oo-pu, Sho, Tuishiip, Tuiship, Uppu, Ütbü; Chin, Chinbon is a language from the family of Sino-Tibetan. It is closely related to Asho Chin which is much larger language.

Chin, Chinbon has around 20,000 speakers and is taught to all the youth with most of its speakers being monolingual. It is a strong language with its speakers being from many different backgrounds as it has spread out across the Burmese mountains. The people who speak the language belong to a group of people called the Kukish which is a large of people who speak a language from the group from which Chin, Chinbon comes from.

Thanks for joining us on this journey in language.

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