Language of the Day: Andaman Creole Hindi

P2230088Let’s take a journey…

The waters of the Bay of Bengal surround this lush archipelago which rests off of the coast of India and Myanmar. There are 325 islands in the grouping and their shores are touches with the white sand of the tropics. The sun never ceases to bathe the land in heat and rains are usually uncommon leading to a dry warm air that is made pleasant by the moisture that coalesces with the wind as it sways across the Bay of Bengal and onto the many islands.

We are in Andaman Islands and it is across this large grouping of islands that we find the speakers of Andaman Creole Hindi. The language is a creolization of Hindustani, Bengali, and Malayalam and originally formed as a trade language as the three groups attempted to communicate with one another.

Throughout the many islands of Andaman Islands there resides around 10,000 speakers of the language and although many are spread out most of the speakers are multilingual; speaking Hindi with outsiders and Andaman Creole Hindi with their families and other locals. This has led the language to be taught to all children and allowing the language to flourish within the current population of speakers.

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