Uncommon Customs: La Tomatina

gettyimages-178255292-e1440521189353Each corner of the world is filled with the unique. Not only does each place have different landscapes and buildings but the people that inhabit them are vastly different.

Each group of people celebrate life, and the many events that are experienced throughout it a little different. It is these cultural distinctions and traditions that makes the world such a magical place to explore and discover.

While some traditions have routes back in ancient times some are a mystery to us all. Stories are woven and passed on about how the tradition really began will always remain unknown.

La Tomatina is one such mystery. Occurring on the last Wednesday in August in Bunol, Spain, this festival begins with a spectacle and ends with a spectacle.

After the streets fill with people wearing white shirts and goggles, a ham is placed on a greased pole. The festival does not truly begin until that ham is taken off of its perch by a valiant man or woman.

Immediately after that transpires, trucks filled to the brim with tomatoes enter the city. These tomatoes will not be cooked or used as food but rather their sole purpose is to be thrown. 150,000 tomatoes are thrown during the day by 35,000 people.

It surely is a messy affair but one that will always remain a beautifully chaotic mystery.

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