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When tomorrow comes the biggest sporting event in the world will begin in Brazil. The FIFA World Cup brings the best soccer (football) players in the world together to represent their country and their home. Players that normally play apart will cast aside their club team colours for ones with their home country’s colours and will stand together.

This is one of those times when people wear their country’s colours with pride and are brought together for the love of their country more than ever. People will stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm all hoping and praying for their team to come out on top at the end of 90 minutes. The streets will be crowded and so will all the local places with a television. It will be a rush of emotions.

The World cup happens every four years and has been going on since 1930. It brings teams from 31 nations together in a competition for the World Cup and it is watched by a billion people from Botswana to Vanuatu.

But how many languages is it broadcast in?

If we take a look at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Media Rights Licensees we can see that there are 220 countries which have broadcasting rights and of those countries there is 53 in Africa, 57 in the Americas, 44 in Asia, 57 in Europe and 18 in Oceania. Throughout these countries there are many that share the same language and others which have multiple languages. All in all there are an estimated 150 languages represented when the World Cup hits the TV screens of the world.

With “he scores”, “goal”, these or some other variation being called in so many languages it cannot be questioned that soccer, sorry, football is the sport of the world.

What do you think about the World Cup? And do you have any other great goal calls? Let us know in the comments below.

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