Able Translations Wins the Consumer Choice Award

CCA LogoAble Translations has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for business excellency in the interpretation and translation industry for the year of 2016. The award is given to businesses that provide only top quality services to their clients on a consistent basis.

The Consumer Choice Awards is an organization that employs independent market research firms to establish which organizations are the best in regards to consumer orientation within specific categories. Since 1987 the Consumer Choice Award has been given out to the most highly deserving businesses and it has allowed consumers to make improved, smart, and more knowledgeable purchase decisions when it comes to choosing a service.

Able Translations has always had a customer focused business model. We have created a system of personalized service options which allows our clients to receive the perfect solution in order to assure that they are always satisfied.

Our model is simple yet effective. We recognize and identify our clients’ unique needs and then create service offerings that meet the demand of those needs. We do not restrict our clients by providing rigid services which only partially meet their necessities. This has been a vital part to the core of our services which has led to our path of success over the many years we have been in business and it is definitely what has allowed us to win the Consumer Choice Award this year.

We would like to thank all of those who have been apart of helping us achieve this and we look forward to continuing our consumer driven approach for the upcoming years!

Why is Transcription Important to your Business?

Professional-Transcription-Services-1Able Translations provides professional, high-quality
transcription services. We employ a pool of skilled and
knowledgeable transcriptionists who are experienced
in transcribing recordings in English as well as over 150 other
languages and dialects. We accept audio files in various formats
such as mp3 and wav and always deliver the transcribed file according
to the client’s specifications thereby facilitating ease of use.

Benefits of Transcription:

  • Serves for better archiving and retrieval of information
    when required
  • Allows for more accurate documentation of an event
  • Aids in maintaining good records and facilitates
    informed decisions.

Information is priceless!

Let Able Translations be your transcription provider.

Uncommon Customs: La Tomatina

gettyimages-178255292-e1440521189353Each corner of the world is filled with the unique. Not only does each place have different landscapes and buildings but the people that inhabit them are vastly different.

Each group of people celebrate life, and the many events that are experienced throughout it a little different. It is these cultural distinctions and traditions that makes the world such a magical place to explore and discover.

While some traditions have routes back in ancient times some are a mystery to us all. Stories are woven and passed on about how the tradition really began will always remain unknown.

La Tomatina is one such mystery. Occurring on the last Wednesday in August in Bunol, Spain, this festival begins with a spectacle and ends with a spectacle.

After the streets fill with people wearing white shirts and goggles, a ham is placed on a greased pole. The festival does not truly begin until that ham is taken off of its perch by a valiant man or woman.

Immediately after that transpires, trucks filled to the brim with tomatoes enter the city. These tomatoes will not be cooked or used as food but rather their sole purpose is to be thrown. 150,000 tomatoes are thrown during the day by 35,000 people.

It surely is a messy affair but one that will always remain a beautifully chaotic mystery.

Language of the Day: Squamish

Aquamish Image Let’s take a journey…

Mount Garibaldi makes its presence known in the distance as it rises off to touch the clouds and the 335 meter tall Shannon Falls crash into rocks and deep blue waters as its waters makes their decent. If you made your way to the summit of the Stawamus Chief you would see the whole Squamish community below. It is in this picturesque area of British Colombia that we find the speakers of the Squamish language.

The Squamish (Sḵwx̱wú7mesh) people are an indigenous group that traditionally resided within many areas of British Colombia. Like many groups, their language, traditions and customs have been passed down orally over the years as no formal writing system was established for much of their history. It is this reliance on their language that has led to the recent support on trying to rebuild the language from its nearly extinct standing.

The Squamish people have a rich culture which based on the natural landscape by which they are surrounded. This is demonstrated by their complex set of affinities that connect their social life and cultural events to different families and neighboring nations.

Storytelling is an integral aspect of their history and in 1965 their version of the origin of the world was recorded, “In the beginning water was everywhere and then the tops of the mountains came out of the sea and land was formed. The first man to appear was named X̱i7lánexw. He was given a wife, an ax-like tool, and a salmon trap. X̱i7lánexw and his wife populated the land and the Squamish descend from these ancestors.”

While this language has been on the decline since the European colonization there has been a recent push in order to save the language and the culture of the Squamish people. You can read more about the initiative to save the language here: