Top Three Reasons to Translate Your Website





Businesses now operate in a global environment and as such it is critical to be  equipped with the right tools to effectively market your products and services to  your target audience. Digital marketing is a growing medium and many persons first  interaction with a company is through their website. It is therefore imperative that  organizations position themselves to be able to effectively communicate with their audience(s). At Able Translations we follow best practices to ensure that your translated website is completed accurately so as to yield the benefits discussed below.


Market Expansion

It is no longer the norm to accept English as the universal language and, as such, it should be of primary importance being able to meet the language needs of your targeted demographic. Languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and French continue to grow exponentially, with over a billion people speaking Chinese alone. This is not to be overlooked as the potential for growth in these markets, as well as locally, is tremendous and can significantly impact the profitability of your organization.

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Search Engine Optimization

Having your website translated can also improve search engine optimization. This is because of the added content resulting from translating your content into multiple languages. This will yield a higher ranking search result and thereby lead to increased traffic on your website.



Brand Building

Building and managing a positive and professional image is important for every brand. Having your website translated will promote your offerings to a wider audience and aid in gaining the confidence of both your prospective and active clients. This will promote more increased product/service usage. Overall, your website will have a more global appeal thereby helping to better position your brand.