How we saved the Yukon $10 000 (and could do the same for you)

The Problem:

The Yukon Government holds frequent meetings. In attendance is a mixture of both English and French stakeholders. In their effort to maintain an inclusive environment, they decided that language interpretation was necessary. There were, however, two barriers to implementation. These barriers are most likely barriers you have faced; time and money. They needed to use simultaneous interpreting, interpretation that takes place as the speaker is speaking, in order to keep meetings to a reasonable length of time. In order to make use of simultaneous interpreting, significant investment needed to be made to their infrastructure.

Had the Yukon Government decided to use the traditional setup for simultaneous interpreting, they would have required special sound booths for the interpreters, sound booths that are not made for boardrooms. These booths came with a hefty price tag. They were out of the questions.

Enter Able Translations:

In late 2012, Able Translations had served a major conference in the Yukon. To reduce costs for the organizers, Able made a commitment to supply simultaneous interpreting to this conference remotely which eliminated the costs for sound booths and interpreter travel costs. We offered the same solution to the Yukon Government. The price tag? Close to $15 000 for all the required equipment. We knew we could do better.

Our Solution:

The team at Able Translations worked tirelessly to produce a software solution capable of providing simultaneous interpreting remotely with no change to our client’s infrastructure. All it took was a laptop and the transmitters and headphone receivers that are often used at conferences to deliver this mode of interpretation. The price to outfit two boardrooms with our new technology was less than $5000.

The success of what we dubbed “The Yukon Project” has spurred us on to offer this service to all of our clients. We can virtually eliminate the major costs of simultaneous interpreting making this mode more readily available to all who need it.